Since the invention of electrostatic sorter and establishment of company, SENVEC sorting machines have been well known as a reliable machine and supported by worldwide customers
Why SENVEC is selected?(1)

Customization for each product

Application of sorting machine varies such as food, medical products, chemical / industrial products. We are testing provided samples several times to finalize mechanical / electrical specification for each customer.
We are developing specialized camera for particular purpose and providing specialized sorting machine to many customers who is suffering from foreign material contamination issue.

Why SENVEC is selected? (2)

Accumulated know-hows through long time development

Our history of sorting machine, which started in 1935, has been developed from electrostatic sorting to color sorting, vacuum sorting, visual processing sorting and optical characteristic sorting. Various sorting technology for various material has been accumulated. Now days, so many requests for new material are coming every year and new technology is developed.

Why SENVEC is selected?(3)

Worldwide service network

Our sorting machines are installed in customers production line and even in case of breakdown, we can’t stop it for long time. We are providing quick servicing from 4 domestic branches and 9 overseas agent.